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Privacy Policy

Privacy is an important issue for most of us. Below you will find a short description of privacy rules on this website, which is administered by WPD Pharmaceuticals Sp. z o.o., Żwirki i Wigury 101, 02-089 Warszawa, Polska.

Goals, legal basis and time period of data processing are indicated separately for each goal listed below.

You are empowered by the RODO Act to perform the following activities regarding your personal data:

  1. to access,
  2. to change,
  3. to delete,
  4. to limit processing,
  5. to object to processing,
  6. to transfer,
  7. to lodge a complaint to supervisory authority,
  8. to revoke consent, provided you have agreed to data processing.

For more details on the above-mentioned rights, please read the GDPR Act, articles 16-21. We do our best to specify your rights within given operation including your personal data. However, an important comment about the rights needs to be made - the rights are not absolute and may not be applicable to every data processing activity.

If you are of the opinion we broke the GDPR Act, you are entitled to lodge a complaint to supervisory authority, which is the President of Personal Data Protection Office (UODO). Before you decide to do it, we would appreciate if you contacted us to check which of your personal data we possess and how we process it.


Your personal data privacy is guaranteed by us on the basis of legal regulations concerning personal data protection. The data collected is protected against third parties who are not entitled to access it.

Data receivers

We are the sole data receivers. We do not transfer your data to any third parties.

Cookies Notice

We can collect personal data to a limited extent using cookie files installed on our website.

Cookies are tiny text files saved on the user’s computer or mobile device while browsing websites. Cookies enable to use certain functions on a given website or to confirm that the user has already seen the website’s content.

Some of cookies are necessary, so that the website functions properly - these files assure the following actions:

Our website does not automatically collect any additional information apart from this included in cookies files.

Our website uses two main sorts of cookies files: session and persistent ones. Session cookies are temporary files stored on the user’s device until he logs out, leaves the website or shuts down software (closes the web browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the user’s device within the time specified in cookie files’ parameters or until the user deletes them.

The website operator informs that limiting cookie files may influence given functionalities available on the website.

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