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Technology Overview

Indications to Treat Pancreatic Cancer


Based on preclinical testing, WP1732 is a potential breakthrough discovery, a new fully water-soluble p-STAT3 inhibitor technology complementary to orally bioavailable non-water-soluble WP1066. STAT3 inhibitors are an essential part of our efforts to develop new cancer treatments that effectively target highly resistant tumors. We believe this expanded array of effective STAT3 inhibitors could improve our ability to treat a broader range of the most difficult cancers, and especially pancreatic cancer. Specifically, we have preclinical evidence to suggest WP1732, our injectable new molecule, is capable of inhibition of oncogenic transcription factors similarly to orally administered WP1066.

We believe the significantly increased solubility of WP1732 may make it a good choice for administration via standard intravenous (IV) injection. Preclinical animal testing has also shown that WP1732 is capable of disproportionately high accumulation in the pancreas, making it a promising candidate for treating pancreatic cancer, one of the most resistant and deadly forms of cancer.

Clinic Development

WPD through its development partner has begun planning and performing the preclinical work necessary to submit an IND for WP1732 and entered into an agreement with The University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals for the development of a formulation for WP1732.

Grants / Funding

WP1732 has benefitted from over $1 million in grants and subsequently sponsored research at MD Anderson Cancer Center and is expected to receive over $3 million in the next 24 months for Phase I and II clinical trials.


IND-enabling toxicology work is progressing and expectations are to submit an IND in the US in 2019.

Partners, Affiliations & License

MD Anderson, leading cancer research center in the world

Moleculin Biotech, Inc. – co-development partner

WPD owns the exclusive license to 30 countries in Europe and Asia and also Russia

Market Opportunity

The expected market size is in excess of $1 billion.

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